48 hpf zebrafish as seen through an SEM


48 hour old zebrafish as seen through a scanning electron microscope! Courtesy of a tweet from my sister, originally the Max Planck winning image 2012. They also convey my face when I realised I had a long weekend this week thanks to the queen’s birthday and bank holiday…


Genetics: Back To Basics

I caught wind of a new app for my ipad called adobe voice and straight away was inspired to start creating mini video stories describing the fundamentals of genetics. Hopefully I’ll complete this as a mini-series that could be used as a resource in a classroom (as I’m following key stage 4 genetics lesson guidelines) or even just for someone who’s interested in getting the basics right. Here’s my first go, and I have to be really complimentary of the software as it is so easy to create beautiful and professional looking videos. However please excuse my cartoon drawings!

Genetics: Back To Basics

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 12.31.31
(Adobe Voice isn’t supported as part of the embed feature in WordPress as of yet so please follow the link to the video!)

As an application to describe and explain scientific ideas (and anything else to be honest!) it really is worth having a look at, especially as it’s free!


Pfizer meets stiff resistance to AstraZeneca takeover bid

Pfizer meets stiff resistance to AstraZeneca takeover bid

Over the weekend, the news has been relatively flooded with details and opinions of a business deal that will affect British science and research. I’ve continuously been in labs where the scientists are from all over the globe but one thing has remained constant, the research is run and funded by UK firms or the UK government. AstraZeneca is a British pharmaceutical company, one of the largest, and the main competitor to GlaxoSmithKline. It turns out that Pfizer, a US based company famous for bringing us Viagra, is launching an attempted takeover of AstraZeneca.

AstraZeneca Pfizer

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