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On the brink of 3 parent IVF

the metro front page 4/6/2014
the METRO front page 4/6/2014

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority have confirmed that mitochondrial transfer procedures are ‘potentially useful for a specified and defined group of patients’. In addition they have said that the techniques are not unsafe but there are some critical experiments still to take place before the method hits the clinics.

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Genetics: Back To Basics

I caught wind of a new app for my ipad called adobe voice and straight away was inspired to start creating mini video stories describing the fundamentals of genetics. Hopefully I’ll complete this as a mini-series that could be used as a resource in a classroom (as I’m following key stage 4 genetics lesson guidelines) or even just for someone who’s interested in getting the basics right. Here’s my first go, and I have to be really complimentary of the software as it is so easy to create beautiful and professional looking videos. However please excuse my cartoon drawings!

Genetics: Back To Basics

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 12.31.31
(Adobe Voice isn’t supported as part of the embed feature in WordPress as of yet so please follow the link to the video!)

As an application to describe and explain scientific ideas (and anything else to be honest!) it really is worth having a look at, especially as it’s free!